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A devout follower of the band Manowar.
Someone who upholds the standards of True Metal and denounces false metal.
"That hair farmer is a true Manowarrior!"
by Char H January 29, 2006
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A fan of Manowar, who defends their message and denounces false metal and posers, like the one who wrote the definition above this one ;).
That man is a true metalhead, a honorable Manowarrior, a warrior of heavy metal!!!!
by rodilla May 06, 2009
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1. A fan of the band Manowar

2. A typical Manowarrior cannot go a single minute without calling someone a "poser", without explaining what the said person is posing to be, or how having a different opinion from his makes him a total fake.

3. Manowarriors often look down on any "modern" bands, because they stereotype it as "false metal", just because they're too narrow-minded to realize that Manowar themselves have hardly any talent either.

Sure, they can play guitar solos, but SO WHAT? Thousands of other bands can too. But they don't use the same lyrics in each song (oo, look at me! I can't shut up about steel, and I love to pretend I'm an armor-clad warrior who's gonna fight for glory!), or use the same song structures, especially in the verses (which only consist of a few soft-played chords repeated over and over.. so much for "loudest band in the world" -_- ), or play the EASIEST riffs ever, while holding back any and all actual talent for the solo.

4. A typical Manowarrior also believes that Manowar is a lot more talented than any other band in the world (which was disproven above), and louder than any other band in the world (yea right. Even SIMPLE PLAN is louder than these guys.. and I hate Simple Plan. This is not opinion. Truly, if you were to turn any song by both bands up to max volume, you'd hear the Simple Plan song louder). Once again, these people don't realize that Manowar is definitely not as talented as they say. Everyone knows that the only reason anyone likes Manowar is that they sing about "true metal" and call everyone else "wimps" and "posers", which is where the cries of "poser" to everything anti-Manowar came from. I'm sure that if Manowar never sung a goddamn thing about metal, you wouldn't have liked them either.
I seriously don't have a problem with Manowar as a band, but I don't like their music, and I don't like the message they're portraying. It pisses me off so much how people use this band as a way to justify hatred against people who listen to so-called "false metal" like Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit, or whatever. Sure, I agree that Korn and Limp Bizkit suck, but Slipknot surely do not, and if you read my definition about them, you'll see why.

These people just want to listen to whatever they want. They like the music, so they're not being posers. They're not ruining the image of metalheads. Only anti-metal people are, by calling it Satan-worshipping garbage with screaming lunatics. Therefore, if you are a fellow Manowarrior reading this right now, learn to control yourself, and stop calling people posers. They have a different opinion from you. That doesn't justify you calling them "fake", because surely there are at least a million other people who would agree. It all comes down to personal taste, but you can't say that having a different taste is wrong. So, if someone just doesn't agree with you, don't give a shit, and keep going the way you are.
by SomeBadJoke December 27, 2006
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