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Mannex is a funny, lame, chill, and pretty weird. Dispite his appearance, Mannex is a very kind, funny, and silent guy. He would put him self down to make some humor or either just to play along what others would say about him. Mannex is not very intrested in girls and would rather stay single. He is just a guy who wants to go home and play some Fortnite, PC, and his PS4. His race is Asian and would rather be called AsianKidd or ThatAsianKidd.
Maddi: ¨Who´s that Asian Kid

Si and Daniel: ¨That´s my Asian Homie.¨ ¨Mannex is my homie.¨

by ThatAsianKiddsmh September 24, 2018
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Mannex is ugly and has a small penis
Person1: who is that??
Person2: That over their is mannex. Don't fall for him, he has a vary small penis
by Dumb people May 14, 2018
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