The last words someone hears when they mess with a Kingsman. Usually right before a bar fight in London. Your lesson: You hear Manners Maketh Man, you duck and fucking run (Who am I kidding? Chances are, if your fighting a Kingsman, your fucking dead already).
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In related news the suspect said the last words he heard before he was knocked out were "Manners Maketh Man", then he said a well-tailored guy who said the phrase hit him with a beer flying beer cup.
by Agent Galahad March 3, 2020
Manners maketh man is a quote from the movie Kingsmen. It essentially means that manners make us human and without them, we aren't human.
"Manners Maketh Man" -Harry Hart, Kingsman: the secret service and Kingsman: the golden circle
by Kingsman Nerd November 10, 2017