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Go to the mall and find the hottest looking mannequin. Hide until the mall closes and then derobe and return to your plastic lady. Proceed to use your own hand to maneuver the mannequin's hand to jerk off with. Even though its easier, never detach the hand because the hope is that mid-rudder, the mannequin will come to life (i.e. Kim Cattrall in Mannequin) and you'll have a sex slave for life. No one likes a one-armed gimp.
Girl - "I can't wait to see what happens with Carrie and Big during the new Sex and the City movie"

Guy - "That reminds me, we have to stop by the Macy's on the way home. I need a tie that matches my new suit plus I will be able to get a Mannequin Rudder and achieve a level of satisfaction your prude ass could never give"
by weezarc May 17, 2010
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