Manja is known for beeing the most beautiful girl. She has beautiful body and character. She is usually from Europe
Boy1: Wow did u see her? I heard she's Manja
Boy2: Yeah she's my gf and I'm lucky to have the most beautiful girl!
Boy1: Wow dude you're lucky!
by ManjaIsBeautiful November 12, 2019
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Its kinda like saying something being clingy and wanting attention but people will deem it as lovely . It comes from Malay language .
This cat is so manja . She has been right next to me since morning .
by A million miles March 28, 2020
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Manja is basically meal. Food in general.

It can be everything from beans(fasul), to vinen kebab.

There are two ways you can hear it or use it.

Disclaimer: its pronounced like mandzha
1. Ще сготвя една манджа. Or in English - I will cook a manja.

2.Imagine you visit your baba(grandma) or u go to the kitchen where your mum is. And you ask: Hey baba what food do we have? And then of course she would tell you: What do you mean what food? There is damn Manja go check!
So basically u never know what there is for lunch or dinner
by KarucaDriver May 5, 2021
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A word used when Cannabis is hidden in a ladies "naughty bit's".
Smuggling weed has never been so easy thanks to Paulines massive Manja.
by Supreme Ruler September 17, 2007
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Manja loves attention, cute texts, people who answer texts super fast, to be the only one tou are texting
pls don't be an ashole (xoxo Manja)
by vecamanjaonig February 16, 2021
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pls give her a lot of attention and love, you will not regret it
Manja loves to be loved
by vecamanjaonig February 16, 2021
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1) A male F.U.P.A. (Fat Upper Pussy Area).

2) Referring to the fat area above a man's dick
That guys pants are pulled so far up, I can completely see his manja
by male fupa September 7, 2010
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