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Lover of men; we don't munch carpet, it's not just about the sex, we appreciate all the finer points of the male species not just anatomy, we can hang with them, carry on intelligent conversations, dont need to steal their women, we're the last one standing at a party and make sure you get home, we appreciate the compliments and the banter, return the love equally or more than we receive, will take care of all your needs and will reward for being taken care of, never a disappointment in bed, love to initiate, not a penivore, not a Monica Lewinski fan, don't like terms like pole smoker or cock sucker, believe in marriage even if we are single, we are confident and know what we want.
The best woman to hang with at any party, event, or intimate evening is a manitarian. How to spot a manitarian: Don't worry, she already noticed you and you could not turn away.
by The Original Manitarian September 23, 2010
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