is a sentence from Dominican Republic, we use it in the street to call somebody as: MY NIGGA, MY BROTHA, DOGG, etc..

The word comes from a deported man from usa who used to say 'my nigga', he cut the word to just say MANIN...
Junior: Hey que lo que manin!!!
Lalane: Manso manin tu sabe...

Junior: What up my nigga!

Lalane: just chilling you know...
by Lil' Monkey May 12, 2009
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Manin is a guru in Mauritius. He has created the philosophy of the Maninism which prone carpe diem. He has many followers and they all salute him by touching his feet or addressing him a compliment.
Manin: Hello my young apprentice.
Scotty: Hi Master, do you want me to tie your shoes?
Manin: Yes apprentice, bring it on!
by Wrath007 March 13, 2010
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A woman that seduces a man for personal benefit; the female version of a womanizer.
Samantha was such a maninizer during her political life!
by The Tyler November 11, 2006
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Verb - The Wrongful delegation of any task because of inherent laziness and/or giving someone else something to do when it would be faster and more efficient to do that task yourself.
"Hey John can you please go answer the phone, I can't possibly answer it, I am too busy watching television" - Jim
"Don't maniner me, Jim! Answer the damned phone." - John
by JoJoFreakboy November 2, 2013
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A satire group made to show how stupid feminism is, by doing what feminism does only with men instead of women.
Feminist: I'm going to stop the construction of a male suicide shelter!
Meninist: I'm going to stop the construction of a female suicide shelter!
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dominican slang for "wassup dude" or "HEY MY NIGGA"
person 1: YOO KELOKE MANIN!!

person 2: WASSUPPP
by papxshampoo March 12, 2021
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