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When a man refuses to allow a woman to fix something, even though he fully knows she is capable, and completely fucks up the job himself.

Being so insecure that even if you have never touched a power tool hand tool in your entire life, and a woman has built a porch or remodeled a bathroom singlehandedly, you still need to take the tools from her and proceed to fuck the job up. Then, pretend like “It is OK” and “It will work”, even though you know damn well you completely manfucked the whole thing. Simultaneously acting like she should be appreciative of everything you have done and expecting praise. When in reality, the woman now needs to fix a bigger problem or re-purchase the thing you were trying to “fix” for her as it is irreparably broken now.
I was rebuilding a hard drive and my co-worker came over and manfucked the whole thing. Now I cannot get the case off because he put the screws in “at an angle” somehow and the heads are completely threaded.
by WhatRUKiddingMe May 27, 2018
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