Sexual explorations between three or more men.
Several of my friends invited me to a manbang party, I obviously accepted since manbangs are very educational and fun.
by RaragataR December 20, 2008
Sexual explorations between three or more men
Devón and Bo-dine decided to invite several of their friends over for a manbang party
by RargataR December 18, 2008
The horrendous hairstyle of men, where the hairs in the bang area overshadows their face in a blunt fashion, hanging out and over. Thus, earning them the nickname of manbangs.

Emo bangs don't qualify. It's the blunt quality of these bangs that earns the wearer the name.
-Dude, check out the manbangs on Manbangs!
by darthcarrot November 29, 2008
The act of having anal sex with another man.
Todd manbangs Joey while they watch Golden Girls reruns.
by TGHomeslice April 18, 2008