When you're at an incredibly great advantage (such as being wealthy, connected, or mana-full) but can do jack shit with it because an opponent renders your advantage meaningless.
*Paul Manafort gets his accounts frozen and co-conspirators indicted because he didn't know about the secret wire-tapping.*

NEWSPAPER HEADLINE: Mueller Manafucked Manafort
by TrumptardsAreTheMinority December 18, 2017
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Adj. Modern variant of FUBAR. Portmanteau of "manafort" and "fucked." Describes someone who is fucked beyond fucked, e.g. Paul Manafort facing a massive jail sentence due to voluminous evidence of serious felonies.
Paul Manafort had more than 30 overseas accounts.I'm laughing so hard right now I'm crying, this guy is screwed, he's manafucked. -@MrFilmkritik
by Wes Marley August 1, 2018
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That time you were like Paul Manafort and got indicted by a federal jury for treasonous behavior.
I thought I could get away with helping Donald Trump collide with the Russian Government but then Mueller came around and I got Manafucked in the ass.
by Girlonfire3211 October 30, 2017
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When you're in a usually rpg, in a big battle and your Mana runs out,and you have items to replenish it.
"I was fighting baal doing so well,then I manafucked and he killed me almost instantly"
by Myzfyt October 31, 2017
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Term used by agitated players of the collectible card game Magic to describe a state of unequal distribution of land cards.
"Awww fuck fuck fuck, goddamnit all! This is NOT need right now- damnit I'm so being manafucked up the ass here!!!"
by The Brainfuckler April 7, 2008
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