Where a dude sits down on a chair and spreads out his legs to make a V shape with them.
"Dude I need to man spread, I have been on my feet all day."
by Czechyourself April 8, 2010
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When a man sits down wthout crushing his balls.
feminist: Stahp man spreading you bigot!
by coleeco December 9, 2016
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When someone is a douchebag so they spread their legs so wide and take up so much space aka SJJ
Me: SJJ you man spread the whole car ride to Tennessee. Please stop I’m begging you.

SJJ: Idc lmao
by bihdontsetmeup June 7, 2019
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What men do to keep from hurting their balls. This act gets some women annoyed.
I'm sorry ladies for man-spreading but if I don't I will never be able to have a kid.
by Trashist January 12, 2017
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Man spreading is bullshit made up by hardcore feminists. Really it's just how men sit down to not crush there own fucking ball sack and penis.
Feminist: Omg stop man spreading!
Man: (In a calm collective manner) shut up bitch.
by #fuckcancer July 17, 2017
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Nothing to do with taking up an extra space, just giving the balls room to breathe
Dude my sack feels like is suffocating, that's why I always be man spreading my meat
by Jocoque May 26, 2017
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When a man spreads his legs to air out his genitals because their in between his legs all day and it’s very uncomfortable.
The man on the subway was Man spreading and all the feminist got triggered because he was uncomfortable.
by Ben Shapiro is cool. April 30, 2018
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