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Where a dude sits down on a chair and spreads out his legs to make a V shape with them.
"Dude I need to man spread, I have been on my feet all day."
by Czechyourself April 08, 2010
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When some North American men spread their arms or legs in a crowded space, taking up more personal space than is necessary and causing inconvenience or discomfort to others. Although these North American men claim this sprawl is necessary to create comfortable space for their testicles, they can't explain how their outspread arms are necessary for their testicles, nor can they explain why men from the rest of the world can sit with crossed legs or in a corner and not die of discomfort.
Are you the Marlboro man riding a horse through the wilderness or are you on public transport? Instead of us all standing and staring at your crotch and armpit, how about you check that manspread?
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by CheddaD April 24, 2018
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When a man is is the middle cat seat and spreads his legs out making everyone else uncomfortable.
The road trip was fun but fat joe was in the middle the whole time so I had to deal with his man spread.
by Jsummers33 January 06, 2017
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