A city with beautiful beaches, beautiful weather, and endless taco stands. God truly blessed this corner of the US. The people however have ruined a once great place. Despite having beautiful weather and beaches it has very Asexual overtones due to its extremely conservative nature and dispropotionate number of males to females. The male to female ratio currently hovers at about 7 to 1.

Much of this is due to two Superbowls being played in Man Diego (1998 and 2003) and every jerkoff in the Midwest in search of good weather packing up and moving here. The stupid movie "Anchorman" also played a role in the high number of fools who now call Man Diego home.

With the real estate crash, it is hoped that many Men will now move out of Man Diego and return the male to female ratio back to something more reasonable.

The ratio is Man Diego is also the cause of unattractive girls in Man Diego being harder to pick up on than Models in NYC.

It is also extremely hard to find attractive girls over the age of 26 in Man Diego. Attractive older girls get sick of so many guys hitting on them in Man Diego that they prefer the more hellish lifestyles of LA and Orange County to Man Diego.
Scenario #1

Male #1: Why are there so many guys waiting in line with spiked hair to get into that bar? Is it a gay bar?

Male #2: No, its a straight bar. It is just Man Diego.

Scenario #2

Female 26 years old: I need to move to LA. I am so sick of surfer bus boys hitting on me.

Female 25 years old: I hear you. I think I am going to stay in Man Diego one more year, then I am moving to Santa Monica.

by Steve B Manly September 11, 2007
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The Southernmost Californian city, popularly known as "San Diego." It turns out that with a strong military presence, and great surf culture, the city is overflowing with young, fit men. Where are the women? The attractive ones are so over-pursued they are unapproachable. They've heard every line in the book, twice. The rest of the girls are at UCSD.
"Hey, want to go to the bars and try to pick up women tonight?" "Why bother? We're in Man Diego. Although maybe we could go get in a fight with some military guys over the one good-looking girl in the bar, who won't actually talk to any of us."
by ManDiegan February 7, 2007
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