The BEST place in the world. If you appreciate snobaording, you WILL live there. The cool kids there also known as "Locals"(creative, we know)slay your babies! They get drunk every night and then snowbaord all day. It's the best life ever.

Damn those kids are cool...
"I'd rather be in Mammoth Lakes"
by LoverrrGurlllll March 9, 2009
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A mountain town in California that gets it's reputation from having a ski resort. People think that Mammoth is fun in the winter but they don't know much about the amazing summers. So many outdoor activities for individuals and families. Hiking, fishing, sight-seeing, mountain biking, sunbathing, swimming, etc.
Move to Mammoth Lakes for the winter; stay for the summer.
by passionateaboutsummer April 10, 2018
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Party all night and ride all day. "The Locals" live the high life, quite literally everybody who lives here gets stoned and hikes the most beautiful mountains in the world. This place is paradise besides all of the crazy people who take refuge in a town where they won't get killed for being so stupid.
Mammoth Lakes or Bust
by TheRealHiker April 7, 2017
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