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Woman with the face of an angel, eyes the color of the ocean and better lips than Angelina Jolie. Funniest, smartest, most clever person on the face of the earth. Gives the best blowies and is a goddess in the bedroom. Always gets double takes whereever she goes. BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.
"I need a Malyn in my I can be complete"
by kitty666 May 01, 2012
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Damn where can I start? She is bomb as fuck and her smile is amazing. If you get a chance with her, you'd be hella lucky cuz once she finds out u playin or you not worth it, shes out and you wouldn't get her back. She is very fucking smart and a goddamn goddess!! She is beautiful and a very loyal person. She ain't like those hoes cuz shes different. Shes funny, she is fly asfk, gives great advice, an amazing person and other things. She is pretty much perfect. I really loved that girl but I fucked up. If you ever come across her, dont fuck her over man. This is the type of girl that would stay in your life forever.
Me: Man I had Malyn in my life but I fucked up.

friends: Nah bro go get her back
Me: you dont understand, I lost her because I thought wrong.
friends: Damn
by lilanax November 17, 2017
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Malyn is very uncommon name. They've got booty, and they're good at sex. They get around.
Oh, you've done Malyn, too?
by lyn11 April 07, 2010
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