a Japanese band(now broken up) that played a mix of classical and rock. Consisted of Kami on drums(Died after Gackt left),Mana on synthazizer/guitar,Yu~ki on bass, and Kozi on synth/guitar.Also went though 3 different vocalists(Tetsu,who got kicked out,Gackt,who went solo,and Klaha was the last vocalist.) Known alot for their unsusual attire. All are men. Some people conider Malice Mizer "Jgoth"
some songs by Malice Mizer:Beast of Blood,Bel Air,Au Revior
by Aquila December 20, 2003
What defines a human. Slang for Malice and Misery. A term concived by Mana and Kozi, former guitarists of the J-Rock band Malice Mizer.
Question: What is human?
Answer: Human is nothing but a being of Malice and Misery.
by Nagi January 30, 2004
Meaning "Malicious Misery" not Malice Misery. Been around since 1992 but didn't release anything 'til 1994. Definately one of the best and unique bands out there. Usually mistaken for woman, especially Mana. They're hawt anyways! :D Their music is unique. LONG LIVE MALICE MIZER. :)
by DatH0e March 12, 2005