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Malalai is a name from afghanistan. The meaning behind it is pretty, clever girl. The Malalai's is a secret company that want to take over the world, to use their hair power. Thats why they usually have long, brown hair that they use to hide their intelligent and act blonde and stupid.

When they get a feeling of a threat they scream loudly to get attention. When they get the attention that they want, they tall about the Kvilaases.

The Malalai's multiply quickly and usually have a several sisters, so she can brainwash them and use as their benefit.

Their nails are usually painted pink and they are long so they can be used to claw out eyeballs. The pink color is to camouflage the blood from the eyeballs after you squeeze out the eyeballjuice.

The Malalai's is not so scary as it seems. They are actually very nice if they're not angry at you and if you're not an afghanian (then she make an evil plan to eat you in a köftesoup)
"HEEEELP! I though she was nice"
"It's a Malalai"
by Sveinthedwarf February 14, 2014
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