Greek Slang
"Malakia" (abstract noun, plural "malakies") is used as
-The literal act of masturbation
-A slang word for semen specifically produced by that act.
-It also can be used to describe nonsense.
-An item considered worthless
-A mistake, or (ironically and degradingly) a time-consuming non-productive action. The parallel exists since these actions are a way to consume excessive energy and satisfy a desire, more or less like wanking.

The use of "malakia" to mean "masturbation" traces back to Medieval Greek. It is used in this sense in the Life of St. Andrew the Fool and in the Life of St. Niphon, both of which date to the tenth century.
My cock is swollen I had 10 malakia (es) today

Do not believe in what he is saying he is talking makakia (es)

Your new car is a big malakia

I am doing malakia instead of working I am publishing greek slang on urban dictionary
by panossak March 2, 2009
Molis twra travhxa mia petuxhmenh malakia.

Holly shit, I pulled a malakia and my jism went on my laptop.
by Malakas May 20, 2004
Word “eisai mia malakia” defines a very intelligent and smart person who is ver caring and loving, if you ever see a beautiful woman/man in greece, say, eisai mia malakia, and they will for sure fall in love with you.
Re ilithia eisai mia malakia kai mish
by Màrčô June 30, 2021