Because sometimes a point just needs to be made.
Iam "See, I'm thankful but I'm making a point. And one reason is that you allowed me to better make my point. My point being that no matter what I say there are some people my words will never reach. That my inability to convince the people who happen to disagree with me to do what I want them to do isn't the result of my own insufficiency. Some people just aren't willing to listen to me. So, I'm sorry for using you in that capacity. And I'm thankful to the shit-head that will have to live the rest of his life knowing that his accomplishments have been rendered meaningless in the wake of my intellect because I legitimately never would have been able to see my writing play out in front of my own eyes. I just don't have the means. I'll never have the means. He now knows exactly how much better than him his political enemies could actually be. This has been a validating experience for me."
by Hym Iam April 27, 2022
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A popular place to park your car, preferably a convertible, and make out with your girl. Typically on a cliff overlook. Normally cars line up like a drive-in movie.
"I took my girl to "make-out point" the other night. At least I got to cum on that bitch's titties before a cop came."
by DanSusanna January 2, 2008
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Action or service made to someone in order to feel more appreciated.
Even though I was exhausted and run down, I was making points with you by finishing your "Honey-Do" list.
by Nico Newt April 2, 2021
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