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A Makenson has a strong personality, but can never hide his feelings. He doesn't want to. He's the kind of man most women could ever dream of-one straight from the movies. If you ever get to experience and have a Makenson of your very own, you better not let him go. He's your best friend. He never judges you. He's the only man you'll ever really love. You can't lose him-life wouldn't be the same without him. He was given to you from God- a true blessing. If you lose him, you may marry and have children, but you'll always wish you never did wrong. You want him. You will never love another man like the way you loved a Makenson. A Makenson is built exquisitely. His lips encase yours perfectly. His skin compliments yours-fine dark chocolate wrapping around white ivory. A smile from a Makenson, is one to surely take your breath away. Laying with a Makenson and being in his arms with your fingertips running all over his skin, is home. There is no greater peace. Nothing makes your heart feel as content. Makenson is everything-your heart, soul, best friend, lover, and king.
Makenson, I swear I will love you forever. I'm glad you're all mine. I will never let you go. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
by Brown Eyes L. October 02, 2011
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