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When a person's look is overdone to the point of being unattractive, a make-under can help them figure out how to rock a more natural look. This term is usually applied to women, but I've met some men who are in dire need of make-unders too. A make-under usually involves a more natural makeup look, working with one's natural hair color and texture (or a natural looking hair dye job). It can sometimes involve stopping expensive habits like spray tanning, and a less gaudy or revealing wardrobe.
Megan wears way too much eyeliner and her foundation looks caked on. Her extensions don't match her hair and her clothes look like she's trying to give Lil' Kim a run for her money! She goes spray tanning every week too. She is in desperate need of a make-under!
by Christy Blewitt March 25, 2011
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n. The opposite of a make-over. In other words, to make something less attractive or with less make-up than in the start.
-Wow! He looks hideous! Someone must have given him a make-under.

-She's wearing a lot less make-up than usual. She probably had a make-under.
by Yindels February 25, 2010
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When a woman deliberately alters her appearance to make herself less attractive to men. A strategy of dealing with unwanted sexual interest from single men.
"By wearing baggy clothes, changing her hairstyle and wearing glasses, that woman who looked like a young hottie last time I saw her now looks like a housewife in her mid-30's! She did a good job of her make-under!"
by _Steve March 04, 2015
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