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1.) Make it rain but with diamonds or cocaine.

2.) To obtain magical elsa powers from watching Frozen to much.
Guy in hood 1: Yo homie make it snow up in here!
Guy in hood 2: Okay Bruh *Turns into black Elsa*
by Popcorn15922 January 24, 2015
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It is similar to "making it rain", except that instead of throwing dollar bills, one is so rich that they are able to throw diamonds. In effect, making it snow. Diamonds can be substituted for a large quantity of cocaine.
by Cadillac Los November 15, 2007
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When you take a handful of cocaine, throw it on the bed and let a whore snort it while you bang her from behind.
I like to make it snow with a high class hooker in a cheap hotel room.
by STW February 10, 2008
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1. Pertaining to "make it rain"; Instead of throwing dollar bills, you throw, or rather, spurt jizz all over everything.
"Dude, that stripper is gonna make it snow up in here!"

"Dude, you totally just made it snow on that ho."
"I made it snow on here face"
by Coots tha O.G. November 09, 2011
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The act of ripping up the small frilly things at the edge of a paper pulled out of a note book. Once in small enough pieces the person chooses a target and yells look its snowing. Said target turns toward a window and as they turn to confront you about it, you throw/blow all of the "snow" in their face. Most commonly done in high school classrooms.
Seth: Dude whats on your shirt??

Ricky: Damn it. In spanish class today Joey thought it would be funny if he would Make it Snow and half of it got in my mouth the rest went down my shirt. i'm going to get him back...
by Ultimate_LAX_BRO March 11, 2010
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A similar term too making it rain, but is used mainly by gangsters and more money is used
i make it snow on the hoe
by marquell November 19, 2007
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