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Makayla is a bug/gorilla/pig/rat like species that looks and acts like a human being. Makayla’s love they titties even tho they don’t have any. Makayla’s usually go for rat guys, bc that’s all they can get. Makayla’s nose is like a button on a shirt. Makayla can’t go to sleep without they special pillows. Whenever they drink fruit punch they play with the straw with they tounge. Don’t take them to Six Flags bc they’ll complain about they feet hurting the whole time. They have no edges but still try to do them. She stay calling somebody a rat even though she mixed with rat. She is part of Jordan’s rat gang and is also the servant that doesn’t get payed. Makayla is quick to hit somebody with that windmill. Fun fact: When Makayla has two braids going into a ponytail she looks like a little boy. Makayla does not like to eat her chicken cold. She stay recording someone. They don’t sleep with clothes on when the hot. Makayla likes to drink out the bottle and put it back. Last but not least becareful when you see her bc she’s mixed with rat and will bite you and give you a disease.
“Omg what is that rat looking thing?”
“That’s a Makayla Reid stay away bc she’ll bite you and give you a disease.”
by Jordan Queenie June 16, 2018
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