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Noun-The kind of person who is wierd/strange, but in a very humourous way. Can be very entertaining, is good at most "artsy" things eg drama/acting. Although very loud and outgoing around friends, Maighans tend to be very shy in class/work and around people they don't know or class as close. Tend to get frustrated but never cause fights or arguments.
She's so Maighan-ish! She's so wierd!
by GuessWhoooom October 23, 2009
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The sexiest woman alive.

Gets all the guys to cover up her daddy issues; has crippling depression and anxiety. Would rather die than talk to someone who looks like a potato. Is a great friend and is one of the most funniest people you will never meet.
Maighan is so scary, but I'd still bang her. *shrugs*
by ThSexygirl20202 August 17, 2017
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