A name of a beautiful girl that is smart, intelligent and full of life. What makes her stand out is that she values her self and is totally different from the other girls, she is kind and all smiles but doesn't take her lightly
BEAUTY is in her name itself because she is beautiful inside and out
That girl gives me Mahle vibes😩
by November 22, 2021
Mahle, plural (mahlechi), Originates from Latin meaning Gay/Homo sexual. A mahle is a person who is a really flamboyant and/or elaborate gay who stalks and watches teenage males in the night time and never goes out during the day(nocturnal).
1."Children, be careful when you go out, i hear there is a group of mahlechi on the loose.

2."Quick! Call the police, theres a mahle trying to break in.
by Fag hater2 November 1, 2010
The sound produced during (p. male) homosexual acts of mutual sexual gratification.
"Lance came over to Bruce's house and then MAHLMAHLMAHLMAHL"
by nimbus September 27, 2003