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A Hawaiian name meaning Heavenly Moonlight. She is a beautiful girl who loves her family and friends. Laughing is her favorite past-tense verb. She enjoys being outside. A rare gem among a road of gravel.
Mahealani, can be shortened to Mahea. Commonly misread and pronounced "Meeha" or "Mahee" (Muh-hay-uh-lah-nee) is the correct pronunciation.
by Chloesprinkles February 02, 2009
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Beautiful Full Moon of Heaven: Loving, intelligent, humble, passionate, independent and extremely beautiful. Mahealani is a free spirit who travels with red dirt under her feet and ocean salt in her hair. She carries herself with the poise and confidence of a princess, and deserves a prince.
Mahealani- Ma-heya-lani.
by ilovemahealani May 03, 2011
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Mahealani traditionally means Heavenly Moonlight. Mahea is a substitute name. Her name is often mispronounced at first meeting. She is a gem to be treasured for the rest of your life. Although she's reckless with her decisions, she's unique, bold and caring. She has a keen eye for fashion, but she's quite clumsy. Always eager to try new things, Mahealani has the talent and personality to succeed in life. She is a beautiful, wacky girl. Once she's in your life, you will never want her out of it.
I wonder where's mahealani? I want to know what she's wearing today.
by paparazzi face September 05, 2011
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Hawaiian name meaning heavenly moonlight- Mahealani has the ability to drive you mad, but also bring you joy at the same time. She is shy, but full of life and very quick to love. Talented, thoughtful, caring, intelegent. The most beautiful girl you will ever know, inside and out. She can also be annoying and a bit of a loser, but we love her anyway!
by thesmusher September 17, 2010
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