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Where a person, usually of lesser statue, bluntly informs a superior how to do their job or perform better.

This is often in an outburst, known to all around them, but no one wants to say it.

Named after the essay/paper written by Tom Crusie's character in the film 'Jerry Maguire'.
Dave: How did the big meeting go?
Mike: Pretty bad dude - I might not have a job on Monday!
Dave: WTF happened?
Mike: I had a complete Maguire Moment... the VP Of Sales wanted us to stay behind again this weekend, to brainstorm. Well I just lost it and yell out the three simple things that the Sales team had to do to increase performance.
Dave: What happened?
Mike: I got a few winks from some of my workmates - I didn't say anything that they didn't already know - but I think the VP is pissed, so say the least.
by buckonz February 27, 2010
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