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Warriors in the service of Shasarak the Wytch-King and the Shadakine Empire, they apparently descended on the eastern part of southern Magnamund from the desert. They appear human, except that they have eyes which are entirely white, with no pupils. Shadakine in Shasarak's army wear ranger-like armour and their heads are shaven, except for a pony-tail at the back. They wield fearsome scimitars, and some also have war-dogs and chariots.

The Shadakine warriors are not especially strong when confronted in combat individually, but the massive Shadakine army, with its siege machinery and spike-wheeled chariots, is a fearsome adversary.

See also Shadakine Empire.
The Shadakine Warrior attacks Grey Star as he clambers over the wall.

The Masbate warriors decide to ambush the Shadakine on the bridge near Forlu.
by Andy April 24, 2004
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