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Okay, when trying to make yourself sound Fantastic. \
Generally used to attract people to you in a romantic fashion
Girl to boy- I'm like Lucky Charms
Boy to Girl- How?
Girl to Boy- I'm "Magically Delicious" (:
by MagicMaker July 21, 2009
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1.To be one with great levels of asthetic beauty , charm , humour, and work at Max Brenners
"wow did you see that girl who served me at Max Brenners? She was magically delicious"
by puppet1 May 10, 2006
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A term of endearment or pet name given to a smaller man by a much larger man (usually in the penitentiary) indicating an aggressive homosexual attraction by the larger man
Bubba turned to his friend as they looked down on the short man wearing very tight pants walking by. That fool looks Magically Delicious homie, Bubba said.
by William of Nelson May 09, 2018
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