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When you tell a girl you put on a condom then proceed to have sexual intercourse with her. You then climax inside of her and tell her you swore you put a condom on. If she claims that you got her pregnant, revert to an,"Italian Abortion."
I took this girl home from The Lodge. I was out of condoms and she said she wouldn't do me without one. So I pulled a Magic Hat. I opened up a pack of gum and pretended to put one on then had sex. She never knew even when I blew a bubble up in her.
by FILTH378 July 28, 2010
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sexual trick involving:
1 paper bag, 3 rubber bands,1 butane lighter, 2 ice cubes, and 1 dirty hippy chick. use sparingly.
DUDE! i through the magic hat on her! her scorched crotch is still bleeding!!!!
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
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Shitty beer from vermont. magic hat. dont drink it youll puke.everyone loves up because they are idiots fro new enlgand and everyone knows they have bad taste and alot of money to waste on microbrewed bullshit beer. some beers such as "circus boy" require shaking to mix up the nasty floaties but i dont know anything else about that beer beacause i just stopped and walked away when i was told that before opening the beer. ive had the other ones and yep they suck ass too.
person 1:

dude lets go blow our parents hard earned money on shitty ass beer, i think i want some number 9, actually no, i want hocus pocus, wait no ill get the variety pack so i can have a magic hat taste of all the nastiest bullshit in the world. dont u love microbrewed ass tasting beer from vermont. UVM rocks dude yeah! go catamounts! green and gold and money dude!canada sucks ! lets go to north beach dude its the best beach on the east coast! and well drink shitty beer and wate money dude.


Alright dude that was the gayest thing ive ever heard, that shit sucks, actually that shit sucks more than long trail and whatever else u stupid fucking hippes and rich conneticut bastards think thier hot shit. but in actuality black beary wheat fucking sucks. thats made by longtrail, that shit sucks, actually i mean bb dubs thats the street slang dude. yo lets suckle on some b b dubs dude. lets go waste our fucking money man on some shithole beer.
by bryansaysan August 18, 2006
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