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Also known as a Whoren. They're the most popularly chosen class in World of Warcrack, a popular furry MMO networking game in which users yiff each other. They are pretty much cows that shoot lightning.
I play WoW way too much. I play it like 5 minutes a month. I play WoW, and I know how. I'm a level 15 magic cow.
by Xtreme2252 December 11, 2010
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The magic cow is the least attractive girl out of a group of young woman. The phenomenon often occurs at college parties when a young group of girls go out to party. The magic cow cock blocks all the man at the party and makes sure that none of the guys at the party have sex with her female friends.
Person A: At the Kappa Sigma party those girls from the east side dorm were bangin'.

Person B: Yeah but the magic cow cock blocked everyone and was a total buzz kill.
by $DollaBillz$ August 13, 2010
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