Madisen is a type of girl you meet once in a lifetime. She is outgoing, sensible, intelligent, funny, and loyal. She is extremely easy to talk to and gives the best advice. She often keeps things to herself and will only let a few people in, but it's worth the wait. Besides her excellent personality, her physical features also shine. She has porcelain skin, flowing, thick hair, beautiful shoulders and back, and the best damn ass you've ever seen. She is also the god of all sex gods and can be quite the dirty girl. If you get a hold of one of these girls, never let go.
I'm falling head-over-heels for a Madisen.
by lemrouge August 25, 2010
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Madisen is the best girl you will ever meet she is the best in bed she has the best damn ass you’ve ever seen she has the best body and beautiful skin you wish you could be like her she has an amazing personality and she can light up a room with her smile if you think she doesn’t want to kiss you you’re wrong she also has a wonderful personality like no other and she loves her friends and her family you wish you could be like her
Jacob:who is that?
Harrison:That’s Madisen and she’s way out of your league
by Hit up October 21, 2019
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Maddy Poodles! A really nifty person who is loved by many. hehehe
Madisen sure sucks a mighty peter! ha ha ha
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madisen is a very sensitive human being. she doesn’t really enjoy her name, but doesn’t mind it that much. she usually has dark hair and dark eyes. she’s a very nice person and from what i hear is amazing in bed. if you meet a madisen then ur very very lucky. they aren’t everywhere especially if their names spelt m-a-d-i-s-e-n so always treasure her. and NEVER EVER PLAY HER. she’s usually a soccer player, and soccer players are like family so be careful boys. anyways make sure you treasure her💜
boy: damn who’s that?”
girl: “ if that’s madisen. i hear she’s pretty nice
boy:” ok then... see yah...”
by -doesn’t matter- January 29, 2021
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1. a girl with a bangin' body and a low bullshit tolerance.

2. someone who laughs excessively, and makes life interesting.
damnn! look at that girl, she looks like a madisen rose!
by lilbaby<3 December 21, 2008
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The kind of girl who you love to be around, even though she annoys you to the point that you want to blow your own brains out. She’s funny, outgoing, sarcastic, and she doesn’t mind throwing fists.
I like hanging out with Madisen, but she’s annoying as hell.”
by TomYev April 15, 2022
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