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Madihah is cool girl when you get to know her. If your not her friend, she will probably come off as awkward but just talk to her she's hilarious! She is very trustworthy but don't get on the wrong side of her, she will do you wrong! Madihah has a heart of an angle and encourages everyone around her, be kind and you will win her heart forever, it doesn't take much.
Girl1: OMG is that Janath
Girl2: No silly, its Madihah, how do you not know her
Girl1: Actually I do she's the best!
by MASK9 March 13, 2018
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Madihah means praiseworthy, she is very sexy and smart. She gets along with a lot of people. She swears a lot. She can dress and has a great personality. She will always stick by your side when you need her
She's really pretty, she must be a madihah
by Girlygurl2678$57383838 July 06, 2015
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A short, beautiful and immature woman who can laugh and makes fun of everything. She can be savage if she wanted to. Don’t get to her bad side because she might make you wish you’re not exist.

She knows how to make people happy and loves memes. She’s a fangirl of everything you can name of. She’s a great dancer and have a nice ass.

Once you fall for her, it’s hard for you to forget
She’s have a nice ass, she must be madihah

That girl is laughing at herself, she’s madihah
by Shineladybug March 20, 2018
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