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The greatest Maddox fansite. Also the first, it pwns all others including Friends of....Aww shit, I can't even keep a straight face while I'm typing this. Maddox Mania is teh ghey.
Normal Person 1: "This Friends of Maddox site is pretty good."
Ash: "Not it's not! It's gay! Maddox Mania is better!"
Normal Person 2: "Ash, you're gay."
Normal Person 1: "+rep for flaming Ash!"
by PsychoThrill January 25, 2005
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An ex-Maddox fansite that turned into a Maddox forum, personally I believe it should break of from Maddox like k i t t y r a d i o . c o m did with Courtney Love.
Maddox Mania is filled with many people attempting to 1-UP each other; It's still cool.
by FlareNUKE August 23, 2006
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A site filled with unfunny n00bs and Ash.
Unfunny n00b #1: Dur dur dur.
Unfunny n00b #2: I'll dur dur dur.
Unfunny n00b #3: I smoke pot.
Ash: I say we ban all three of them cause I am better than everyone else.
by Fat man with pube beard February 27, 2005
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better than the other maddox fansites, especially friends of maddox, which is a tendency to fondle an anglo-saxon male

true story, FoM is for the losers who cant take the constant flaming in MM, and if you post at TB you are probably a reject of FoM, at which point you should contemplate suicide!

Friends Of Maddox:
hiiiiiiii im the maddox fansite for preteen boys and perverts that like preteen boys!

OMG so liek, my INTERNET GIRLFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME =( she wuz so unfaithful, OMG SHE WAS CHEETING ON ME IRL THAT SLUT...what were we talking about?

Maddoxmania: Arr! Maddox actually posts here, except when we are undergoing revolution in the most MANLY PIRATE WAY
by Canadian Psycho February 04, 2005
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