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Maddles is the name referring to a petite yet buxome blonde girl with a cheery disposition and a chuckle that is comparable to that of an old man. She also shares several similarities with various mammals including the Slow Loris, Fennec Fox and the Hazel Dormouse. However unlike these mammals, she is in fact diurnal and at her most playful just after dawn where she can be seen snuffling around in search of treats. "Maddles" are often known for their love of cereals, Marmite, herbal teas and Lady GaGa..
"Woah, that girl looks like a cross between a Slow Loris and a Fennec Fox, but she can booty shake like a pole dancer, must be a Maddles.."

"Mate, I'm so jealous of that guy, he actually gets to go out with a Maddles, its so unfair!"

"If there were more people like Maddles in the world, problems such as world hunger and political turbulence would be confined to the history books.."
by radgy mcradgerson March 13, 2010
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