Maddi is the best friend someone could ever ask for. She is caring and sweet. But if you get on her bad side you are screwed. She protects what she loves at all costs and it basically fearless. Maddi is friends with everyone, but lets few into her close circle of people who she trusts. Anyone who knows a maddi is lucky.
Wow, I cant believe she is your friend!
Lets go talk to Maddi
by imnotyourdaddy January 8, 2018
the best person in the world this girl will always be there for u through thick and thin she knows how to treat u and always has ur back trust this girl cause she is the best thing that will ever happen to u you will love this girl forever and she will stay in your life forever and she will always put a smile on ur face even if ur sad that’s what u will love most about her she is a beautiful king intelligent women once again you love this girl with all your heart and don’t forget never ever loose a maddi in your life
who’s that?
oh that’s maddi she’s the best girl ever
by wel0velella❤️❤️ September 24, 2018
A girl with many personalities. She is fun, adventurous, crazy, loyal. Everything a guy/girl needs in a friend or girlfriend. She is pretty on the inside and out as well as cool. Everything she does is a statement.
Guy: "What's your name girl?"
Maddie: "Haha it's Maddie."
Guy: "You must be crazy cool."
Maddie: "Haha I try to...."
Guy: (thinks) "She's such a babe...."
by Isabella'sthename January 7, 2015
Maddie is usually a very very beautiful girl. She is usually sweet, caring, loveable and hard not to think about.
by Hullyjimbo April 13, 2013
She is the most amazing person you will ever meet. You are lucky if you have a friend named Maddy. She can always put a smile on your face anyday. She is beautiful inside and out! She makes eveyone happy, everyday. She loves animals. She is funny, smart, sexy, awesome and loving. You should be amazed by Maddy.
" On the weekend I hung out with a girl named Maddy. She is awesome!"
by MaddyForever:) December 30, 2011
This is a girl who is complete perfection in the inside and out. Always has a beautiful smile on her face. All guys fall for a Maddie, it's almost as if the love goddess Aphrodite has given all the Maddie's on earth her blessing of desire, but she doesn't like a lot of attention...only the most beautiful girls hate attraction. Most Maddie's usually have chocolate brown hair and deep brown eyes. They always have long legs and amazingly clear skin. ALL Maddie's are very intelligent and SUPER smart. They are usually crazy about blue-eyed guys but will settle for green. Don't ever try to challenge her because she will prove you wrong and shove your dumbness right in your face. She sometimes may be a bad influence, but if you invite her into your life she will make it a party. Her life revolves during the night, thats when shes the best BUT she will always try really hard to brighten your day no matter how long it takes her.
Guy 1: Aye man why won't Maddie date me? i mean she dated you. And DAANNGG she FINEE!

Guy 2: you have the same color eyes as her
by cash34 January 1, 2014
An absolute awesome girl, who is always super energetic. She will always be happy and make everyone happy around her. A Maddie will also not enjoy leaving friends, but will have a great time with all of them!
She is so happy and energetic. She must be a Maddie.
by superawesomefriendsperson February 24, 2010