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noun. A person who lives, eats, breaths, and plays the football video gaming series Madden. Maddenites are cult like individuals of the game who (often) relegate to other maddenites for social gatherings.

They possess a deep, textbook-like and through understanding about the game of Madden and (often) football. They would rather play madden than any other video game.
"Me and my maddenite bro Manzer are gonna do up some Madden08 later today at his house today."
by Alvin Li October 21, 2007
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noun. An individual player in the Madden vdeo game series who seemingly outperforms his attributes. These are typically lower ranking players that seem to perform just as well, if not better, than high ranking players when under the A.I.'s control. Somehow, the combination of the players awareness, speed, agility, etc. form an excellent player. While this term may refer to "Player X", if "Player X" is being controlled by a person, he is no longer a Maddenite. A Maddenite is strictly a PC controlled player.
Perrish Cox is a cornerback with an overall ranking in the 60's in Madden 11 for the Denver Broncos and is capable of covering almost any wide reciever in the game due to a unique combination in his height, speed, and awareness.

Trindon Holliday is a wide receiver for the Houstan Texans who ranks in the 50's overall in Madden 11, but routinely gets open and catches passes with more consistency than some 80's or 90's. This is, once again, due to a unique combination in his attributes which makes him difficult to cover.

Wallace Gilberry is a defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs who ranks in the 60's in Madden 11, but he has an ideal blend of speed, strength, and block shedding to consistently make tackles in the backfield, embarrassing elite offensive tackles.

These players, and many more, are Maddenites.
by bashman0000 March 28, 2011
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