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While the origins remain mostly unknown to all but a few select "elite" individuals, it is thought that the term "Mad Seeg" was first coined by a wireless enthusiast named "treatz" who used the it on a discussion board circa the early twenty first century (It has also been suggested that this individual used the term as an alpha tag on a mobile phone). Its use implying ability to transceive wireless signals to and from a mobile handset at a quality unparalled by any other wireless competitor.

Although preliminary testing has not confirmed these speculations, it has been suggested that "Mad Seeg does not adhere to the laws of physics!". It is believed that speculations were brought on by other phenomenon such as PC4 and EDGE.
My friend's doggy cell phone had no reception, but I had MAD SEEG!
by AnalogTrail August 24, 2004
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refers to the 850mhz band of rogers wireless having incredible recepting ability
my t616 got ridicols madd seeg
by fuzion August 05, 2004
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