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adj; eng. (mad grhymes)
1. something utterly distasteful and/or unfair
2. anything that is overly grimey
3. dirty
1.teacher: we are having a pop quiz on eastern european impressionism

student: bitch, that is mad grimes

2. If a referee was to call pushing while there is clearly no physical contact, on may exlaim, "WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? MAD GRIMES"

3. Aw man today i had to be up for a soccer game after consuming massive quantities of alcohol, so mad grimes.
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something really gross, greasy, unappealing, or just plain disgusting.
person 1: "yo, did you see mikey's hair today??"

person 2: "yeah, man, it was mad grime."
by a sliz. July 06, 2009
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