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Machteld is a pretty girl with a lot of craziness.
Everybody needs to know Machteld because she's an amazing friend and you can act normal (read: extremely crazy) with her.
When you think of Machteld you'll become hungry.

Machteld loves dance movies (read: step up) with a lot of boys with beautiful six-packs in it.

A day with Machteld in it is always fun and it gives you the possibility to act like a weirdo and to eat candy like you never ate it before.
When you get to know a Machteld, you will notice that you become more and more strange and weird. This is absolutely normal!
When it comes to men, she's very demanding and it will take a while before she'll find a boyfriend that fits her perfectly.
But unless her boyfriend is Moose, she'll never be completely happy
When you want to hang out with Machteld you absolutely have to be wild and crazy!
Last but not least... If you ever meet Machteld, you cannot tell her hello in a normal way!
You have to give her a fist and blow it up!
Machteld is coming.
I should get some candy!
by Moose_loves_you_;) June 14, 2013
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