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Someone who appears to be a friend while convincing you to buy an Apple Mac. Once you buy a Mac and find out for yourself how unreliable it is, your friend is nowhere to be found.
I used to think Brad was a friend but now that I'm having trouble with my new Mac he is nowhere to be found. I should have known he was just a Macfriend.
by Kuch June 17, 2008
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a person who sells you on overpriced hardware with overpriced software, which none of your friends have any idea how to fix when it goes wrong, so you have to rely solely on the person who recommended the mac to you, who's normally too busy to provide support. Written from personal experience, friend's experiences, and also, I work tech support, and supporting customers who's friends told them a Macintosh was better and are never around when they have problems.
Well, my mac friend said these are great computers. I can't get a hold of him. How do you set up Mac Mail / Entourage?
by one_black_chocobo November 21, 2006
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