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It's a 2000s kuwaiti slang for wanna be fancy . It usually refers to millenials witch thier black berries and frozen yogurt it was an epidimc in Kuwait. Hundreds of teens behaving and looking the same . Same shoes selfie . Same neon phone accessories. And of course live of MacDonalds

And they prefered English over Arabic

Those are the distinctive features of a macchicken

Note : this term have retired but it deserve an honorable mention
It's eye eggs not sunny side up you macchicken
by Dayzheart March 30, 2019
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In the arabic street language, mac chicken means something luxuries. Mac chicken can be used in several ways such as
1: **wearing a rolex** look i got the Mac Chicken on my hand bruv.
2: **going to eat in an expensive restaurant** My man, lets go eat in the mac chicken place
3: **when you're looking so good** i look FULLLL MAC CHICKEN BRUVVV
by FPS_IGNITE April 19, 2017
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