Maajid is the man. He'll tmg anyone and is dank, the 10/10. No one can touch him as he will just break their face but he has a banging personality and will buss convo for time.
Do yu know my friend?
Yeah he's such a maajid.
by ThePerfectOne99 November 6, 2016
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Maajid's a nice dude. He can make women fall for him easily even though he doesn't know it. The man's brighter on the sun and has an upbeat attitude and always is nice. Don't get on his bad side tho. He can fight but doesn't like to.
That Man over there? Yeah He's such a Maajid
by THAT A MAN December 1, 2020
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He's the king, top dawg,best of the best. My guy Maajid is so cool he gonna beat you up. Jake Paul you think your pro? Well this kid Maajid, He gonna beat the hell. He is faster than a speeding bullet.
I'm a Maajid at boxing
by IM KING LOSER September 22, 2020
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