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Maab’s are not always the prettiest of girls but have the most beautiful soul. Their body figure is bigger and better than others and they’re not afraid to show it😂. Maab’s are the funniest and will never hesitate to cheer a friend up by cracking a joke. In my opinion a maab is the very best friend you can have❤️
Person 1: Guess what, today is me and my friend maab’s 30th anniversary of being bestfriends!
Person 2: Oh wow! I wish I had a maab in my life
by JustAKindHeartedSoul May 26, 2018
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Maab means someone who is gorgeous on the inside out and is one of the funniest people you can ever meet.They are smart hard working and love books very very much they might as well become your own personal library.But if you tell them a secret they will probably start screaming and telling it to the world but somehow still nobody knows the secret.They are also dare devil's and are normally thought to be bad kids and are normally misunderstood
Omg she is such a maab
by Hi I'm layal December 28, 2017
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