Someone who is an outcast or doesn't fit in, and refuses to adjust to the normal life.
Jaden is all about the MSFTS Clique.
by OfficialChelseaClark on IG: September 15, 2012
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someone who creats, inspires and disrupts
Jaden smith is one of the creators MSFTS
by lilmimzy January 11, 2013
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1. This is the stock symbol for Microsoft, commonly referred to as Mister Softee by brokers and traders, probably due to hearing Jim Kramer's repeated use of the phrase.
2. Mister Softee, aka flaccid penis, or Micro Softee, an extremely small, flaccid penis. The use of MSFT in a brokerage office environment is used to convey info in writing under the PC radar, usually about a male coworker.
3. Mister Softee as a person who is easy to work for and get along with; not one to dish out the discipline. MSFT used again in the office environment to convey this info.
Kate, I heard that Bob in accounting is interested in your assets. Jill and Emily both said that his MSFT was not exactly helping his portfolio, and they both did all they could do to increase performance.

Tom, it seems like you're having trouble with producing here. I heard that Jason at the Topeka branch is more invested in MSFT. You should think about transferring.
by DirtyThinker April 16, 2018
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