Or "Sturmgewehr" (German for Assult Rifle). Was produced in 1944. This was the worlds first assult rifle. Therefore all modern day assult rifles owe something to this gun. The easiest to see is the AK series (AK47, AK74 and other varients). The MP44 was originally intended to be a submachine gun, but was found to be extremely accurate. So was born the first ever assult rifle.
Caliber: 7.92 x 33mm
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Muzzle velocity: 690m/s
The MP44 is the god of all modern day assult rifles.
by Jake-up November 29, 2005
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Machine Pistol 1944

The first assult rifle ever made. Hitler was slow to put into use, and that is one thing that might have turned the war around for him.
The MP44 Is a bad ass assult rifle.
by Bl Hagentuur March 16, 2005
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MP44 is a common misinterpretation for the STG44, an assault rifle from WW2
MP=machine pistol which is an SMG and uses pistol ammo
STG=Assault rifle which is just that, and uses rifle ammo

Possibly coined from a poor translation in a video game.
Player1:Dude I just killed you with my MP44!
Player2: your what?
Player1:My MP44...
Player2:Dude, go back to history class or read a book, its an STG44 not a MP44 get it right you troglodyte
by Irish teddy bear April 10, 2009
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