The act of putting mentos into a girls vagina and then putting Coke into it. Then you wait for it to explode from her vagina and drink the Coke as it sprays out.
I just Mount Kilimanjaroed you girl
by Everybody's Pappy December 5, 2015
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This is a place similar to Mount Olympus. But the only difference is, this is the place where the Mount Olympus supervisors have to go when they have fucked up. Think of it as the Boss's boss. As a matter of fact you never ever want to go to this place.
Hey why the hell does the boss have such a shitty attitude today. Oh you didn't hear. The people at the top caught wind of what the fuck is going on down here. So they are calling his ass to Mount Kilimanjaroe. Oh hell that is worse than going to Mount Olympus. Yeah I know man I never want to go to that damn place. I hear they breed asshats up there. Yeah and they have an arsenal of ball bag muskets too.
by pantyteamaster August 26, 2010
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