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A whore who loves moto bros. Hangs out at places like glamis and "the river". She often has blonde hair on top, black underneath,huge foamie sandals and a SKIN tank top on. She sluts out for any attention she can get, and loves their "sick trucks."
The club was full of motohos. That girl with the stars tatooed on her back is a motoho. He hooked up with some motoho in Glamis.
by ahwhocares July 27, 2004
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The girls at motocross races that dont know a thing about motorcycles and dress like sluts to get the hott guys
Motohos should leave the guys to the girls who know a thing or two about motocross
by gncc-chick April 16, 2007
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A huzzie who hangs out with dirtbike riders or at motorcross events.
"There are a lot of Motohos at Supercross"
by JEN January 22, 2004
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Chicks that love dudes that ride dirt bikes. They have fake orange tans, and stripper blonde hair, most of the time with hair extensions. Wear MX brand clothes to be "cool". Hang out at dirt bike events wearing nothing buy tight tank tops and arse showing shorts. They'll blow you just to sit in the passenger seat of your "mini truck". Wear flat brims, just because you do. Yet can't ride a bike to save their lives.
Damn , that's a motoho if I've ever seen one.
"I'm just one of the boys you know riding my bike and shit but look at my fake tan and hair extensions.
But don't call me girly ok."
by derrocuz April 12, 2011
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A slutty female who attends Supercross or Motocross races with the intent of hitting on the male racers. Usually wears some sort of Fox, Thor, FMF, Skin, Alpinestars, or motorcycle brand tank top along with daisy duke shorts.
Guy1: Did you see that?

Guy2: What?

Guy1: The Motohoes!
by 2g4uskrs February 02, 2010
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The bitches that come to the starting gate with me... GO DISTRICT 15 ama
AFTER I finish the race they are annoying little bitches saying "why didn't you beat Mike Alessi???
then you runaway from them and they follow...damn motohos
mh (motoho): Hey now your dad told you to pull the holeshot this race
Neal (me): can tell my dad to get his ass out here and try to do it
do you see a #800?
mh: yes...
by NEal July 28, 2004
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A female who receives pleasure while feeling the vibration effects of a rear motorcycle seat.
Wow! That chick got so wet on the back of that motorcycle she nearly slipped off. Must be a real "Motoho".
by bob834 January 02, 2011
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