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MOJOVATE, mō'jō'veyt, 1. to magically stimulate others to create or engage; 2. to inspire oneself to perform exceptionally; 3. a captivating spirit or energy that drives innovation.

On March 27, 2008 I created the word "mojovate" because none of the current language properly captured what I was trying to express. I painstakingly cross referenced numerous words and their definitions until I was completely satisfied with the lexicography. I launched the word Mojovate first on my Facebook account, then my blog and on my Twitter account.

It is already being used by motivational speakers and those in the personal development industries.

It is trademarked.
1) mo•jo•vate, verb; I really need to mojovate and wrap up this project.
2) mo•jo•va•tor, noun; She is the top mojovator on her team.
3) mo•jo•va•tor•y, adjective; His speech was exceptionally mojovatory.
by Mojovator_TM March 25, 2009
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