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Someone (usually stereotypical minorities, white trash, or insecure kids under the age of 14) who plays an online videogame like Halo, Call of Duty, or even World of Warcraft, but takes the game to an ultimate level of epic failure and faggotry. MLG fags usually think they are the best players, however this is not the case as any moderately skilled or intelligent player can beat them in a legitimate game. 99% of the time MLG fags like to use gang up tactics, power weapons, rushing, boosting, network manipulation, ingame combat exploits, or just trash talking the other team into leaving the game. Approximately 1% of the time they actually have skill, but with the drawback of having absolutely no life. It is also important to note that many MLG fags don't go outside, as they would probably get shot if they walked out into their shitty ghetto neighborhood.
MLG fags tend to have names like the following: mLgLoPeZz, Xxmlglilwayne69xX, mLG1sH0t1kIL, and mlgsmokew33d420420,
by My Skylit Eyes April 17, 2010
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A kid who is obsessed with Montage Parodies to the point of commenting about them constantly. No matter how serious the subject is supposed to be, they will always comment cringe worthy shit such as "lol 10/10 m9" or "420blazeitskrub". These people are one of the main reasons why so many Montage Parody youtubers are quitting, and they are ironically killing their own meme by acting stupider then the people they are supposed to be parodying.
MajorLeagueWobs: Hey guys, I just released my new music track. Hoping a record label sees this and considers a contract...

*MLG Fags flood comment section with "10/10 mlg swag m9" and "GET SHREKED M8"

Record Label: What the fuck...
by Th3rd October 12, 2015
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MLG stands for Majorly Gaming Gaywads. And fag just stands for Fag.
"OMG Brittney my ex-boyfriend is a totally a MLG Fag! All he cares about is Halo 3 on xbox live!" said Ashley.
by I_dated a MLG FAG. December 06, 2008
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